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If you're here, you probably...

  • ...feel overwhelmed instead of overjoyed in your home.

  • ... have tried to declutter but can't figure out where to start, get frustrated, or run out of energy because there's just too much to do!

  • ...are ready to make some changes!

  • ...wish you had someone to guide and support you and a community of others you can reach out to for encouragement.

If so, you're in the right place!


A monthly coaching and community experience to help you create space for the life you love!

More than just a random decluttering list...

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... is about how your habitat, habits, and attitude come together to create a space where you can flourish.

... is about focusing on one room (or hub) in your house so we can really dig in and get to the heart of your habitudes.

... gives you the tools, accountability, coaching, and encouragement to actually make change!

When it's done, you'll have created a space



Hi! I'm Juli,

   your Home Habitude Coach

and Designer On Hand!

I'm a home stager and designer, habitude coach, and organizer extraordinaire! I help people create space for the life they love.

You might find me wearing polka dots, sipping on bubbly drinks, making lists, dancing with my daughters, or Restoring Roz (our big, ol' colonial style home in Clemson, SC) with my husband, Corey.

I created the Home Habitude Collective because I believe that space matters. You have a life you love; let's make room for it!


Join me for a coaching and community experience that will meet you where you're at and encourage you along the way!

How is this different than one of those free decluttering challenges that I've seen?

With the Home Habitude Collective you have accountability and coaching when you have questions. As your Habitude coach I'll be there cheering you on, supporting you through your struggles, and offering you my best tips and strategies. Beyond decluttering, the Collecive also involves decorating your space and creating routines and systems that work for you. I know that there's not a one-way-fits-everyone solution. The Collective is an experience that will meet you where you're at and guide you through figuring out what works and doesn't work for you in your life.